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Our mission is to support the Nashville Community by helping support local businesses and organizations. Our fundraising program is an easy way for groups to raise money. Profits are 70% with no minimum orders and no bulky inventory to handle. Sponsors increase customer traffic and customer loyalty by offering discounts to Nashville Discount Card Members.
 Benefits of Being a Business Sponsor
Showcase Your Business to Nashville Discount Card Members
Printable Coupons and Special Offers 
Feature Your Business On Our Homepage
Social Media Posts to Recognize and Promote Your Business
Participation In Our E-Mail Marketing Program



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$297.00 /year  or  $25.00/month

Check out these Incredible Features!

Reach 1000's of Potential Customers! 

If you aren't advertising on the Internet, you are losing customers!  Your business will be included throughout the directory, both under the category of your choice, and our complete list of merchant discounts.   When someone clicks on your logo, they will be taken to your own "Business Showcase" Page, containing your discounts...and much more! (See below)


Our "Local Discount Card" will Drive Customers to YOU!

Our "Local Discount Card" is the Incredible Driving Force of our website.  It serves 3 purposes:
     1)  To get 1000's of local consumers to our website 
     2)  To introduce them to your business via your "Business Showcase" & Discounts
     3) get them to shop & spend money at YOUR BUSINESS! 

We are distributing 1000's of these cards through local non-profit groups.   Customers come to our website to find
out what discounts they are entitled to....and that's where they find YOU!

When you sign up with The Nashville Discount Card, our team will work with you to customize your Business Showcase page. In addition to the Nashville Discount Card coupon, you can also upgrade your program to include mobile coupons, promote your business on our VIP Club, let us create your own VIP club, or promote your business through our e-mail campaign options.


"Business Showcase" Page!

When you advertise with us, you get the most innovative & interactive advertising in town!  Your "Business Showcase" page is a full web page containing your current discounts, but also so much more! 

Your "Business Showcase" Includes:
- Business Name, Address, Phone Number, E-mail Address
   - Direct link to your website (if you have one)
   - Your businesses logo
   - Interactive Google map of your business
   - Nashville Discount Card Coupon Offer
   - Business Description (See below)
   - Option to Add Mobile Coupons
   - Option To Promote Your Business Through our VIP Club
   - Option To Set Up and Promote Your Own VIP Club
   - Option To Promote Your Business Through Our Various E-Mail Campaigns

Here is what your business showcase will look like....Click the image above to view a larger version